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PPUPeace Pledge Union (UK)
PPUPicture Processing Unit
PPUProfessional People in Urbe
PPUPortable Pilot Unit (Microsoft)
PPUPhysical Planning Unit (Grenada)
PPUPeoples Potential Unlimited (record label that reissues vinyl records)
PPUPending Pick Up
PPUPlease Pick Up
PPUPeripheral Processor Unit
PPUPrvi Partizan Uzice (Serbian ammunition company)
PPUProtocol Processing Unit
PPUPre Purification Unit
PPUPosition Pick-off Unit (aviation)
PPUPost Processing Unit
PPUPre Processor Utility
PPUPixelpushers United (pixel art commune)
PPUPrimary Place of Usage
PPUProduction Prototype Unit
PPUProgramme de Prévention Urbaine (French)
PPUPay Per Use
PPUPreproduction Unit
PPUPalestine Polytechnic University
PPUPortable Production Unit
PPUPacket Pick-Up (racing events)
PPUPublic Protection Unit (UK)
PPUPhysics Processing Unit
PPUPrime Power Unit
PPUPlastic People of the Universe (band)
PPUPowerplay Unit (hockey)
PPUPostpartum Unit
PPUPrice Per Unit
PPUPower Processing Unit (solar electric propulsion)
PPUProcurement Policy Unit (UK)
PPUPoint Park University (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
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The new industry standard establishes a set of minimum requirements for PPU quality but allows manufacturers to adjust their PPUs to pilots needs.
But now police chiefs are planning to cut the number of PPUs from six to two -one based in North Shields to cover the north of the region and one based in Sunderland to cover the south.
Face aux inquietudes sur le suivi et la mise en ouvre exprimees alors ainsi que la requete de la societe civile d'etre associee a l'elaboration des PPU, la sequence qui irait du plan d'urbanisme aux PPU puis aux projets s'y inscrivant eventuellement, a ete inversee : la ville a encadre, accompagne le promoteur, plus qu'elle n'a planifie.
Through adoption of the regulations regarding the procedures for designing, implementation and evaluation of public policy at central level the PPU ensures that all ministries will comply the requirements to develop public policy proposals in a specific format for all major legal acts prior to their drafting.
Schools would also be obliged to provide part of the funding for the PPUs and would be involved in managing them.
The volume includes a p[bar{a}]da index of both the VAV and the PPU (pp.
EPO offers an ERP-like approach to personnel and time-management functions in communications and media, engineering, consultancy and accountancy companies, and PPU recently introduced a thin-client option which allows users to provide access to the applications via the web.
Provision of maintenance support for the central systems Police: KSIP, SNP, SPP and the PPU with a guaranteed repair time and provide a pool hours for activities related to the development of KSIP, NCCI, SNP, SA, SPP and PPU.
It added: "Reality testing in the PPU revealed that more work needs to be done to ensure accurate crime recording of rape offences across all reporting routes and, in particular, those reports that are recorded as 'concern for safety'.
Convinced that the four-year education at PPU prepares dancers for life both on and off the stage, she proposed a partnership with the university, adding school auditions and scholarships to the JDWC mix.
Detective Inspector Caroline Marsh, from West Midlands Police PPU, said: "We are still in the very early stages of this investigation, but I hope our action sends out a clear message about how seriously we take these allegations.
Just 14 experienced lawyers make up the PPU, including 12 women.