PPWProfessional Photographers of Washington
PPWPartnership for Public Warning
PPWPlebe Parent Weekend (United States Military Academy)
PPWPersonal Protection Weapon (UK)
PPWPanhandle Professional Writers (Texas)
PPWPregnant and Parenting Women (various organizations)
PPWParallel Plate Waveguide
PPWPoints Per Wavelength
PPWPlasma Powder Welding
PPWpremium payment warranty
PPWParenting Plan Worksheet (child custody)
PPWPrice Per Week
PPWPublication Production Workbench (Australia)
PPWPossession of Prohibited Weapon
PPWProPilotWorld.com (Cary, IL)
PPWProve People Wrong
PPWParish Path Warden (UK)
PPWPerformance per Watt (computing)
PPWPrior Paint Work (automotive repairs)
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For more details regarding changes to OBM and PPW, visit www.
On Tuesday night, the PPW hosted a presentation on threats facing Pakistan and its strengths.
Robert Polet, president of PPW subsidiary The Gucci Group - which owns a 50 per cent stake in the McQueen label - added: "We believe in the future of the brand.
We look forward to another event of the PPW in future.
The electric and gas utility operations of PPW and MEC are diversified across several states and geographic regions, limiting exposure to any one regulatory jurisdiction or to the effects of extreme weather.
Munir Mahmoud, PPW Chairman, said the PPW, which is celebrating its silver jubliee as it was formed 25 years ago, comprises professionals who came under one platform from different fields of life to help the community and promote a soft image of Pakistan.
With the expansion in all of our PPW locations to include the full AZEK product line, we are able to strengthen our successful affiliation with AZEK Building Products and provide our customers the full offering of quality building products they have requested.
In Fitch's view, timely recovery of PPW's large capital expenditure program is crucial to the future creditworthiness of PPW and MEHC.
He said the PPW had supported the school financially in upgrading its overall infrastructure.
Munir Mahmood, chairman of PPW, stressed the need for self-evaluation in the school system.
Stated Dave Gibbons of Seagis, "We are very pleased to have completed this transaction with PPW, an established leader in the building materials business.
Produced in partnership with Future Media Concepts (FMC), PPW is the world's leading training event for digital media professionals including editors, producers, directors, graphic artists, motion graphics designers and new media specialists.