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Of the twenty-six articles included in the DTCA review, nine were unique to a particular database, and of those nine, six were found in PQDT.
These options enable, at your request, the company to automatically perform for you the same search you just conducted on either a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and then notify you of any additions to PQDT by e-mail or RSS feed.
My 10 reasons for using (and recommending) PQDT alerts are the following:
It is only recently that full access to these studies has become so readily available to distance educators, and I can request digital copies of studies that I am most interested in (1,421, or 81% of the 1,744 studies about "distance education," are fully available through PQDT at the time of this writing).
In conclusion, are you persuaded to look into PQDT further?
We were impressed not only by vast number of works included in PQDT Global, but also by the wide range of features to use within the found results, such as Russian interface and translation of abstracts.
Evstigneeva finds that ProQuest's policy is creating the most favorable conditions for cooperation with the Russian Ministry, which motivates researchers to submit their dissertations and theses for inclusion in PQDT, increasing the visibility of achievements of Russian science for the international academic society.
With an ever-growing collection of international, regional and local content, PQDT offers access to 4 million graduate works, with 2 million in full text, from more than 3,000 institutions.