PQGPharmaceutical Quality Group (London, England)
PQGPresse Quotidienne Gratuite (French: Daily Free Press)
PQGPlasma Quark-Gluon
PQGPensacola Quilters Guild (est. 1983; Pensacola, FL)
PQGPiecemakers Quilt Guild
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Based on these ideas PQG proposes a unified field of consciousness (UFC) [6] underlying the entire universe from which comes the energy and matter fields of the big bang theory.
2000), por lo que existen otras alternativas posibles para la interpretacion de los grandes flujos en masa del PQG.
Other recent rollouts include Opulyn PQG Opacifier, a versatile distinct opacifying technology that allows formulators to create creamy conditioning body washes, shampoos and liquid hand soaps.
In 2006, IPEC partnered with PQG out of the UK to develop the IPEC-PQG GMPs for Pharmaceutical Excipients.
The GSC, which helped with the formation of EXCiPACT, consists of staff or member representatives of the five founding project consortium associations: EFCG, FECC, IPEC-Europe, PQG and IPEC-Americas.
Quality agreements instead provide the common reference such as The Joint IPEC PQG GMPs for Pharmaceutical Excipients, The IPEC Significant Change Guide or user-specific procedures that are included as reference along with the agreement.