PQSLPre-Qualification Structured Learning (Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors)
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Saftner and retired PQSL horticulturist Judith Abbott have identified melon varieties with improved flavor and texture that will benefit the North American fresh-cut melon industry.
Several such treatment solutions developed at PQSL provide both antibrowning and antimicrobial benefits to apple slices and perhaps other produce.
Saftner, Abbott, and PQSL microbiologist Arvind Bhagwat tested a commercially used calcium ascorbate dip--developed by ARS--that prevents browning on slices of sanitized apples and compared it with three PQSL-developed dips.
The testers tasted for changes in the apple slice's aroma and flavor and rated those dipped in the PQSL solutions as good as those treated with the commercial wash.
In the story on page 4, you'll read about PQSL lab results with food packaging systems that both allow the proper atmosphere and discourage microbial growth.
PQSL staff also collaborated with industry to lead a symposium on that subject at the IFPA annual conference.