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PRAMPublic Relations Advertising Marketing
PRAMParallel Random Access Machine (informatics)
PRAMPhase Change Ram
PRAMParallel Random Access Machine
PRAMParameter Ram
PRAMPhase-Change Random Access Memory (non-volatile computer memory)
PRAMParameter Random Access Memory (memory used in a Macintosh with a battery to retain system information)
PRAMParents, Resources and More
PRAMPipelined Random Access Memory (Distributed Shared Memory)
PRAMProductivity, Reliability, Availability & Maintainability
PRAMPsychiatric Residents Association of Manitoba
PRAMPipeline Risk Assessment Method
PRAMProgrammable Analog Module
PRAMProbabilistic Risk Assessment Methodology
PRAMPropelled Rocket Assisted Mine
PRAMPerinatal Research, Audit and Monitoring
PRAMPassenger Reservation Army Management System
PRAMPreliminary Reports of Aircraft Mishaps
PRAMPre-Recorded Announcements and Music (aviation)
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The woman was, however, forced to quickly push the pram out of the way and an appeal for witnesses has been made.
A pram with a view was still a must-have in the early 1970s when Germany came out with their own version with a window on each side as well as one in the direction of travel.
Smith walked off at the stop but got back on and walked up to the pram.
After I got on to Silver Cross, they agreed to give the couple a new, upgraded Pioneer pram.
USPRwire, Wed Jan 14 2015] Strollers and prams are used to carry babies.
Silver Cross, founded in 1877, is known as the Rolls-Royce of pram manufacturers.
The Silver Cross Surf - Aston Martin Edition has taken inspiration from our own expertise in engineering and design, with many of the materials and techniques used on the pram also used in our own Aston Martin interiors.
But we have availed the facility of pram, so the child is also enjoying, we do not have to carry the child in our arms," said Mughda, a tourist.
CCTV footage shows the mother looking away for a few seconds as the pram rolls away, passes a waiting passenger who is on his mobile, and lands on the track.
Meanwhile, Furne One, the Dubai based celebrity designer and owner of brand, Amato Haute denied speculation that he was commissioned to make the pram.
The pram raid comes as cops deal with a rise in steel and metal thefts, including car parts, bicycles, lawnmowers and even wrought iron fireplaces.