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PRASPlanning, Reporting and Accountability Structure (Canada)
PRASPlan Régional d'Affectation du Sol (Belgium)
PRASPre-Reduced Anaerobically Sterilized
PRASProduct Rights and Availability System (Sybase)
PRASPatient-Rated Anxiety Scale
PRASPerformance Results Aggregation System (Telcordia)
PRASProgramme Régional d'Aménagement de Sécurité (French: Regional Security Development Program)
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These are the initial list of pending cases involving PRAs who are deploying workers bound to Kuwait.
This includes imposing stricter regulations for PRAs.
This study was planned to investigate the effects of PRAS educational internships on medical students' perceptions of the scope and viability of plastic surgery.
What changes have interested parties seen from the PRAs as they have implemented the Principles in the oil markets?
Assets held in PRAs or financial assets held outside of retirement accounts are typically not annuitized and are instead spent or saved at the owners' discretion.
Just over half (52 percent) of households have personal retirement accounts (PRAs), which account for roughly 21 percent of non-annuitized wealth; financial assets outside of PRAs account for another 23 percent of wealth and are held by most households (87 percent).
com)-- The Design and Analysis of Communication Systems (DACS) research group from the University of Twente (The Netherlands), lead by professor Aiko Pras, focuses on research in the area of Next-Generation Ethernet monitoring.
The low rate of withdrawals from PRAs during the sample period in this study, 1997-2005, along with investment returns to PRA assets and contributions to PRAs by some individuals who were still employed, generated a pattern of increasing average PRA balances by age.
Wyclef Jean was born on Haiti and left for New York as a child, later to form one of the most successful groups of the 90's with his cousin Pras and vocalist Lauren Hill and is credited as being one of the forefathers of modern hip hop and R'n'B.
venpick hotel in the capital", explains Jean Gabriel Pras, President & CEO Ma.
With his new documentary, Skid Row, Pras Michel--best known as one-third of the Fugees--lived out Sturges' fictional experiment.