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PRASPlanning, Reporting and Accountability Structure (Canada)
PRASPlan Régional d'Affectation du Sol (Belgium)
PRASPre-Reduced Anaerobically Sterilized
PRASProduct Rights and Availability System (Sybase)
PRASPatient-Rated Anxiety Scale
PRASPerformance Results Aggregation System (Telcordia)
PRASProgramme Régional d'Aménagement de Sécurité (French: Regional Security Development Program)
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Iosco said: "Given the progress that has been evidenced to date, the commitment by the four main PRAs to continue adhering to the PRA Principles, and to undergo independent external assurance reviews, Iosco, the IEA, IEF and Opec do not believe that further annual implementation reviews will be necessary at this time.
What changes have interested parties seen from the PRAs as they have implemented the Principles in the oil markets?
PRAs and regulators have drawn up a voluntary code of conduct and formal principles respectively to deal with some of the methodological issues.
Even after age 70 1/2, the percentage of assets withdrawn in a typical year is less than the rate of return earned on PRA assets, generating an age profile of increasing personal retirement account balances for many households over the 1990s and the first half of the last decade.
We are currently publishing first results of measurements at academic conferences,” said Aiko Pras, Associate Professor at the University of Twente.
venpick hotel in the capital", explains Jean Gabriel Pras, President & CEO Ma.
There was a a sting in the tail for the connections of Go Dana Le Pras, winner of the concluding women's bumper.
Dr Anand, is married to Anthea, 53, a spiritual therapist, and has two other sons Shishir, 31, and Pras, 29.
Owner Pras Miah admitted a total of four breaches of the Food Hygiene (Wales) Regulations 2006 at Cardiff Magistrates' Court.
In particular, he focuses on possible strategies for PRAs and concludes that they are likely to lead to higher retirement accumulations that are also less risky than defined benefit plans.