PRASAPuerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority
PRASAPattern Recognition Association of South Africa (International Association for Pattern Recognition)
PRASAPuerto Rico Advertising Specialty Association
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The series 2008A and 2008B revenue refunding bonds are payable from system revenues subordinate to all PRASA obligations except Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (the commonwealth) supported obligations and obligations payable from surplus revenues.
Huawei's GSM-R solution combined with Siemens CVC's dispatching and voice recording system will provide PRASA with an end-to-end solution that will enhance transportation efficiency and customer service.
The upgrade procurement project was outsourced by PRASA to Swifambo Rail Leasing, a local company which, in turn, awarded the contract to Vossloh to supply the new high-tech locomotives at a cost of R3.
The methodology and scope of the 2004 PRASA survey resulted in an arithmetic mean of 507 people served by Non-PRASA system, while the population served arithmetic mean obtained in the review of UPR Master Theses was 280 people served.
In the civil settlement, PRASA will spend an estimated $1.
109) In response to the Region's action, PRASA filed a request for an evidentiary hearing to contest the Region's factual and legal basis for the permit modification denial.
However, PRASA was unable to meet its obligation to pay debt service on the commonwealth-supported Superaqueduct bonds (PRASA's fifth lien debt) in July 2009 given PRASA's depleted balance sheet position.
PRASA must come to the party with solutions that result in the restoration of the service to the central line, as a matter of urgency.
As a result of the fiscal 2006 and 2007 rate hikes, PRASA's financial results improved dramatically and PRASA posted positive margins in fiscal 2007 as well as annual debt service (ADS) coverage on all debt of 1.
PRASA , the new Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa, delivers a world-class system
PRASA and the Puerto Rico Department of Health sample these two wells regularly to check for chemical and bacteria contamination, and EPA sampled them to complement the Puerto Rico governments efforts.
PRASA will pay US$9 million, according to the Justice Department and Environmental Protection Agency.