PRBOPoint Reyes Bird Observatory
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Using data collected at thousands of locations across California, the PRBO scientists project current and future statewide distributions for 64 bird species using climate models developed at UC Santa Cruz.
Counts conducted by PRBO since the 1970s targeted only the South Farallon Islands, whereas CDFG counts included the South and North Farallon Islands.
The California Rice Commission, Audubon California, PRBO Conservation Science and other groups partnered with NRCS for over a decade.
Rhinoceros Auklets are believed to be monogamous (Richardson 1961; Leschner 1976; PRBO unpublished data), and they generally breed in the same crevice or burrow, year after year.
3 Current address: PRBO Conservation Science, TomKat Field Station, P.
Barbara's supports a number of organizations including Project Puffin, The Teaching Garden and PRBO Conservation Science.
5) PRBO Conservation Science, 3820 Cypress Drive #11, Petaluma, CA 94954, USA.
Ornithologists at the PRBO Conservation Science facility in Stinson Beach (also known as the Point Reyes Bird Observatory) capture and band about 2,500 birds each year to deepen our understanding of how they live and what is involved in their annual migrations.
We thank numerous PRBO project leaders, field biologists, and intern biologists, especially Anne King, Ryan Degaudio, Tonya Haft, Stacy Small, and Mike Lynes.
We searched for and monitored nests following standardized protocols (Martin and Geupel 1993) on pre-existing nest plots established by PRBO Conservation Science (PRBO).
3) Current address: PRBO Conservation Science, Marine Ecology Division, 3820 Cypress Dr.