PRBSPseudo-Random Binary Sequence
PRBSPoverty Reduction Budget Support (Department for International Development; UK)
PRBSPseudo Random Bit Sequence
PRBSPseudo Random Binary Signal (electronics)
PRBSPseudorandom Bit Stream (Hekimian)
PRBSProbability Random Bit Sequence
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1) would describe rats' lever pressing maintained by concurrent token-production schedules when the location of the rich schedule varied daily according to a 31-step PRBS.
This optical carrier was given to amplitude modulator driven by 10Gbps uplink PRBS data with a sequence length of [2.
In implementation of adaptive PID a PRBS with magnitude of 1.
The pattern generator provides hardware-generated PRBS patterns, as well as user-defined patterns up to 8 Mb long.
It can generate and receive various BER Traffic Patterns, including various PRBS patterns, Bit Error Insertion, and FCS Error Insertion.
The BCM84328 delivers comprehensive PHY features such as line and system high-speed equalization to drive SFP+, QSFP+, or KR interfaces, PRBS pattern generators and checkers, loopback functionality, and on-chip AC coupling capacitors to satisfy requirements for higher density switch and server configurations.
Figure I shows these two circuits, the simulated response for each of these three waveforms with a 1 nsec unit interval, and the resulting eye diagram from the PRBS waveform.
i] model parameters [tau] dynamic parameter v (t) true output variable Abbreviations CSTR Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor H-BEST Hammerstein Block-Oriented Exact Solution Technique MIMO Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output PRS Pseudo Random Sequence PRBS Pseudo Random Binary Sequence PRSD Pseudo Random Sequence Design SDOE Statistical Design of Experiments SISO Single-Input, Single-Output
During these PRBS tests, the process maintains the same average and does not cause any long-term bumps (which operators do not appreciate.
A single 510A Unit accommodates all rates from 50 to over 2,500 Mbps, using any scrambled NRZ, PRBS, or 8B10B coding format.
Pseudo-random binary sequence pattern generation: Allows engineers to test digital serial buses by streaming standard PRBS patterns - like PN7 and PN19 - without the need for a separate pulse generator.