PRBSPseudo-Random Binary Sequence
PRBSPoverty Reduction Budget Support (Department for International Development; UK)
PRBSPseudo Random Bit Sequence
PRBSPseudo Random Binary Signal (electronics)
PRBSPseudorandom Bit Stream (Hekimian)
PRBSProbability Random Bit Sequence
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Participants were offered a choice of language for the informed consent, demographic data, and PRBS forms.
Moreover, the recovered configuration after n iterations is the preceding configuration defined during encryption that was generated by the PRBS and plain image.
1) would describe rats' lever pressing maintained by concurrent token-production schedules when the location of the rich schedule varied daily according to a 31-step PRBS.
The PRBS is generated according the generator polynomial 1+[X.
The report said that in 2011, the PRBS implemented the MOA wherein the names of Integrated National Police (INP) pensioners were submitted to the NSO for cross-matching.
The performance analysis for Barker, PRBS and Golay codes is presented in Subsections 3.
Supports different PRBS patterns, All one's, All zero's, alternate 1's and 0's, 1:1, 1:7, and User -defined pattern.
Centallax introduced a multichannel signal integrity test system that uses up to five 10-Gbps pods to produce PRBS (pseudorandom bit sequence) patterns for performing BER (bit error rate) tests.
The PRBS and BERT functions can be integrated as a part of link set-up and test procedures.
com and explore return and insertion loss of microstrips, striplines and coaxes, compare the time domain step response and frequency domain response and even look at what an eye diagram of a PRBS, through an interconnect, might look like.
Testing of 40 Gbps was performed at 1,550 nm using four time-division multiplex 10-Gbps electrical data signals, with a PRBS of 2^31-1 to generate receiver BER waterfall curves for the comparative analysis.