PRDAPuerto Rico Department of Agriculture
PRDAProgram Research & Development Announcement
PRDAPeople's Rural Development Association (Sri Lanka)
PRDAPolish Racing Drivers of America (motorsports group)
PRDAPresbyterian Relief and Development Agency
PRDAPersonnel Records Display Application (US Air Force)
PRDAPlanar Retro-Directive Antenna
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PRDA is an electronic viewer with role-based access that allows commanders, supervisors, first sergeants and Airmen to view enlisted and officer records and essentially replaces the brown, six-part folder that served as a Unit Personnel Record Group.
Airmen will not receive a score notice if a performance report is not updated correctly nor a matter of record in PRDA, among others reasons, Poisson said.
The PRDA has also given the department- wise break- up of the entire package to buttress its claim.
Ils peuvent en effet compter sur le partenariat tisse entre le departement de l'artisanat et le MCC (Millennium Challenge Corporation), lequel a apporte une contribution substantielle a la concretisation de quatre programmes figurant dans le PRDA.
Speaking from Chiang Mai in neighbouring Thailand, Nathan said PRDA was getting supplies in though they were still being met with passive opposition by the regime.
3]), has attained formal legitimacy with its June 5 PRDA release.
3] is to achieve its hoped-for speed and accuracies; the PRDA suggests 15-50 m CEP.
Gray also noted the division is spending money independently of the PRDA to improve expendables test facilities.