PRDHPuerto Rico Department of Health
PRDHPort Reitz District Hospital (India)
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The CDC Foundation, with technical assistance from CDC and in partnership with PRDH, has launched initiatives promoting the prevention of transmission of Zika virus infection during pregnancy, including sexual transmission, through engagement of social networks and communities surrounding pregnant women (8).
Both molecular (38) and serologic (39) diagnostic tests that have been approved by the FDA are available in Puerto Rico at PRDH and CDC-DB, and currently all submitted specimens are tested for evidence of DENV infection.
They explained that PRDH staff have knowledge about the problem and the volunteers will give a friendly approach to the visit.
Given potential additional exposures, PRDH and CDC undertook contact investigations among additional community and family members (N = 32) and hospital personnel (N = 39) to identify persons who required PEP After the contact investigations, two additional family members and two hospital staff members received PEP.
Encephalitis-like syndrome: a person reported to the PRDH by a health care professional because of an illness diagnosed as encephalitis, or patients with reported fever, headache, and altered mental status ranging from confusion to coma, with or without additional signs of brain dysfunction (e.
Among suspected cases reported to PRDH, the proportion of cases in males and females who tested positive was not significantly different among infants and persons aged 10-39 years (Figure 2).
In February 2016, as part of the ongoing response to local Zika virus transmission (3-5), PRDH implemented GBPSS with CDC assistance.
Thirty-six confirmed or suspected cases of GBS (8) were reported to PRDH by providers throughout the island.
With CDC's assistance, PRDH has also implemented comprehensive strategies to prevent Zika virus transmission.
Seven suspected cases were identified among school trip participants, and during July 16-August 21, health care providers in Puerto Rico sent 102 additional patient specimens to PRDH for evaluation by smear microscopy.
dagger]) In January 2016, PRDH initiated enhanced surveillance for Zika virus disease by performing Zika virus testing on specimens submitted during November 2015-January 2016 that had tested negative for dengue or chikungunya.
To assess the extent of chikungunya in Puerto Rico, the severity of illnesses, and the health care--seeking behaviors of residents, PRDH and CDC analyzed data from passive surveillance and investigations conducted around the households of laboratory-positive chikungunya patients.