PRDTPower Rangers Dino Thunder (cartoon)
PRDTPathogen Removal and Diagnostic Technologies Inc. (ProMetic and the American Red Cross joint venture to minimize the risk of Mad Cow Disease)
PRDTPanasonic Refrigeration Devices Thailand Co. Ltd. (est. 1988)
PRDTPascal Rioult Dance Theatre (est. 1994)
PRDTProcess Rights Description Table
PRDTPreliminary Requirements Determination Team
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PRDT has already demonstrated that several of its resins are capable of removing 99.
In order to test whether its lead prion binding resin would also adsorb the endogenous infectivity found in blood, PRDT undertook an extensive "endogenous" experiment.
The initial application of the PRDT prion-binding affinity resin will be the reduction of TSE infectivity from red blood cells (RBC).
Rohwer's laboratory, PRDT was able to demonstrate slightly greater than a 10 fold reduction in titer even at these very low concentrations of endogenous infectivity.
In the ensuing "endogenous" experiment, PRDT has successfully demonstrated that its lead resin also adsorbs and removes the specific form of TSE infectivity that is found at very low concentration in blood.
The study was co-sponsored by PRDT and its manufacturing and commercial partner, MacoPharma, a European industry leader in blood collection systems and transfusion solutions.