PREAPension Real Estate Association
PREAPrison Rape Elimination Act of 2003
PREAPrudential Real Estate Affiliates
PREAPhilips Research East Asia
PREAProfessional Real Estate Agent
PREAPennsylvania Rural Electric Association
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During the show, PREA is inviting visitors to its stand to receive free CV/Resume reviews for candidates, free consultation to employers wanting to discuss hiring personnel and free consultation to companies looking to sell, buy or restructure their companies.
This act requires certain confinement facilities to become certified as PREA compliant once every three years.
The PWG's primary goal is the creation of a consensus-based national PREA Data Standard using the Global Standards Package and leveraging the Global Privacy Technology Framework to address concerns inherent to PREA victimization.
PREA represents an unprecedented national reformist effort in corrections regulation.
Together, BPCA and PREA have been remarkably successful in ensuring the medicines used by children are tested and appropriately labeled for their use, contributing to improved health outcomes for pediatric patients.
Thirteen of the reporting systems have a full-time PREA coordinator in place, while 26 of the reporting systems have assigned a part-time position to the subject.
But two years after No Escape, when the more comprehensive PREA legislation was introduced, it received a great deal of support, with co-sponsorship in the Senate including Ted Kennedy, D-Mass.
Manchester-headquartered PREA Ltd was one of 10 British businesses vying for the top prize in the 'Action Plan' competition, organised by Open to Export.
One program in particular, formatted and age-appropriate for all youths, is the PREA poster program.
The Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003, or PREA, has required the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) to conduct annual statistical analyses of sexual incidents behind bars, leading to an unprecedented review of rape and sexual abuse in prisons nationwide.
Prior to winning the award, they have also won numerous other PREA awards, including PREA 100.