PRECHURPresidential Committee for Housing and Urban Resettlement (Philippines)
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That the author of Ancrene Wisse, by the time he wrote the text witnessed in the Corpus revision, was aware of |Vre freres prechurs and ure freres meonurs' is, however, beyond question; hence the dating of this revision to some time after 1224.
The original text warns the recluses to be on their guard against clerical visitors, who may be wolves in sheep's clothing - |Worltliche leaueo lut, religiuse et leas'(69) (|Put little trust in seculars, even less in religious') - but the addition makes an exception for the friars: |Vre freres prechurs ant ure freres meonurs beoo of swuch ordre pet al folc mahte wundrin ef ei of ham wende ehe towart te wude lehe.