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PREDICTPatient Refined Expectations for Deciding Invasive Cardiac Treatments (Web-based program)
PREDICTPediatric Randomized Early Vs. Deferred Initiation in Cambodia and Thailand (US NIH)
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So, that fascinated users can predict their area of interest.
By pooling the data from hundreds of thousands of students, Pearson Digital Learning has developed methods for painting a highly accurate statistical picture to not only predict how a student will perform on a test today, but also plan for how long it will take him or her to achieve a given performance level in the future.
We also present an empirical model to predict the median escape time of UCNs as a function of the midpoint of the particular energy interval.
APPLICATION: This mathematical model can help engineers predict what the effects will be when a mill upgrades a recovery boiler.
It is further believed that both volunteer identity and volunteer motivation will be correlated with and will predict organ donation intentions and organ donation behavior.
Accurate forecasts of an upcoming El Nino, Falcon says, could enable humanitarian-aid organizations to prepare, the Indonesian government to establish irrigation rules, farmers to choose suitable crops, and world commodity markets to predict food availability.
Assuming SARS dynamics in Beijing would follow a similar pattern, we used the Richards model to predict that the SARS epidemic in Beijing would end by late June 2003.
The prescription for demand creation is a new software solution, "predictive intelligence," that enables managers and the CFO to conduct "what if" analyses to predict demand.
This was an exploratory study using a pre-post research design to determine factors that predict success in an online introductory nutrition course.
Through practical examples, the article discusses how casting process modeling can investigate and predict natural convection metal flow that causes macrosegregation, hot tear formation, and the resultant casting mechanical properties after heat treatment.
4] Airway size measured endoscopically can also predict OSA and its severity.
If the cubic equation is suitable, this allows the use of one simple test, like uniaxial tension, to predict stress strain data for other deformation tests that may be more difficult to conduct and control.