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Acosta: Former Duck failed to advance from 1,500 prelims.
Lane Farm run four championship dressage leagues at intro, prelim, novice and elementary level.
January: 1 S Richardson New Years Day Handicap, 6 Sixteen, 13 Jacko's Memorial Prelim, 20 Sixteen, 27 Jacko's Memorial Final.
We started with unaffiliated walk and trot tests winning both tests with over 60%, so we moved on to prelim and we came second in our first ever test with 63%," said Natalie.
Prelim 4: 1Amanda Fletcher, Chino, 2 Carol Main, Corran Dawn, 3 Joanne Day, My Classic Ricardo, 4 Vicky Cambell, Oliver
But it's pretty cool when it happens, especially in the prelims.
This was only our second outing, having been placed fifth in both prelims on our first outing at Richmond in December.
Summing up the experience of conducting the prelims, and speaking on behalf of the prelims' quizmasters, Saldanha said, "Finally, now that we are done with the prelims and looking forward to the mega prelim, I do want to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate all the teachers and principals of the various schools.
It is our second affiliated event after completing a Prelim 15 class at Holmeside Hall to finish in second place.
First round: Longwood BC A v Moldgreen Con, Meltham BC B v winner of prelim.
Arizona State won the 4x100 relay prelim race in 39.
CRAMLINGTON rider Lesley Taylor came a stride closer to a personal ambition this month after taking third place in the British Dressage Championships Prelim Final on her own nine-year-old 15.