PREOPermanent Register of Electors for Ontario
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This enables PREO to reach small to midsized institutions more rapidly, while maintaining a high level of customer service.
We are excited to offer PREO to all our banking customers.
PREO is talking to lenders around the country to grow its listings and expand its reach, and is focusing much of its initial efforts in states where foreclosure rates are highest, such as Florida, California, Nevada, Arizona and Texas.
PREO's system promises to be a major help to lenders who want to reduce their inventory of distressed properties," said PREO President Eric Friedman.
By bringing together lenders, buyers, homeowners, and real estate agents, PREO.
The new 2-year data show that women who followed Preos therapy with Fosamax continued gaining lumbar spine bone density, for an overall gain of 12%, compared with baseline (N.
By monetizing our non-core assets and addressing our debt, we are in a much stronger position to maximize the value of GATTEX and PREOS for patients and shareholders.
This strategic move creates investment flexibility for NPS and enables us to use the monies from this deal, the previously announced Nycomed GATTEX deal and the approximately $10 million in savings over the next two years from this transaction to support the further development of our late-stage pipeline products, PREOS and GATTEX, in specialty indications.
PREOS could potentially be a first-in-class therapy for use in this condition.
We remain on track to achieve several key milestones this year: the announcement of topline results of the teduglutide Phase 3 study in short bowel syndrome, the continuation of our development work with PREOS and teduglutide in specialty indications, and the consolidation of our operations in New Jersey which will cut our annual facilities costs by 90 percent and increase our operating flexibility.
On October 20, 2004, NPS Pharmaceuticals' (NASDAQ:NPSP) shares fell after presenting additional Preos data at the American College of Rheumatology.