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PRFPreferences (File Name Extension)
PRFProof (coin collecting)
PRFProducer Recycling Fund (Ireland)
PRFPulse Repetition Frequency
PRFPseudo Random Function (computer science; cryptography)
PRFPedigree Resource File
PRFPurdue Research Foundation (West Lafayette, IN)
PRFPersonality Research Form (psychological testing)
PRFProgeria Research Foundation
PRFProtein Research Foundation
PRFPetroleum Research Fund
PRFPhenol-Resorcinol-Formaldehyde (adhesive)
PRFPlan Régional de Formation (French: Regional Training Plan)
PRFPromotion Recommendation Form
PRFpontine reticular formation
PRFProton Resonance Frequency
PRFPatient Report Form (ambulance work and first aid)
PRFPoint Response Function
PRFPublic Relations Firm
PRFProject Request Form
PRFPulse Recurrence Frequency
PRFPlatelet Rich Fibrin
PRFPopulation Regression Function (economics)
PRFPrimary Reference Fuel
PRFPoverty Reduction Forum (Zimbabwe)
PRFProof File (file extension)
PRFPreRecorded Friends
PRFPublic Radio Fan
PRFPost Restaurant Fund
PRFpersonnel resources file (US DoD)
PRFPerformance Related Fee
PRFPlutonium Recovery Facility
PRFPersonnel Readiness File/Folder
PRFPolicy Rating Factor (insurance)
PRFPulse Recurrence/Repetition Frequency
PRFPathology Resource Facility
PRFProduct Release Form
PRFProcess Request Form
PRFProperty Removal/Pass Request Form
PRFPilot Read File
PRFPost-operative Respiratory Failure
PRFProcurement Request Form (various companies)
PRFPremier Rock Forum (aka Electrical Audio Forum)
PRFPrincipal Research Fellow (various locations)
PRFPeninsula Radio Flyers (South Africa)
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To investigate the effect of ethanol content on aldehyde emissions, ethanol-containing PRF resin adhesives were prepared in a laboratory using an ethanol-free PRF resin sample provided from Oshika Corporation as the base.
PRF has a particularly close working relationship with the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs (NEA), stemming in part from cooperation in bringing about the high-profile signing in September 2012 of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Arab League Secretary-General Elaraby.
Sluijter et al (8) in 1998 published the first report on PRF, which included a prospective controlled trial of 60 patients with unilateral radicular pain: 36 patients received PRF of the involved DRG, while 24 received conventional thermal radiofrequency (also referred to as continuous radiofrequency or CRF), with a maximum temperature of 42[degrees]C.
Meanwhile, the PRF also has inherent problems that hamper its control of the recontextualizing process.
The launch of PRF a decade ago was pivotal in the adoption of Fundamental Index strategies, now used on over $100 billion worldwide, as well as setting the stage for the smart beta revolution.
The DMA temperature scan results for cured PRF films, southern pine, and Douglas-fir samples were shown in Figures 2 through 4, respectively.
This study will generate the highest quality, Level I evidence of safety and efficacy, in order to evaluate the effectiveness of PRF treatment for post-surgical pain mitigation.
Studies on Japanese larch concluded that the preservatives did not adversely affect wettability or cure of a PRF as measured by infrared spectroscopy, but they accelerated cure as measured by torsional braid dynamical mechanical testing (Miyazaki et al.
The objective of the OARS study is to determine the effectiveness of PRF treatment with the Amp technology for amelioration of knee pain in patients with mild-to-moderate OA.
lead author of the study, medical director for PRF, and mother of a child with Progeria.
3] retention levels were manufactured using the two PRF adhesives according to ASTM D2559 and tested for shear resistance by compression loading and resistance to delamination during accelerated exposure.
Our PRF technology holds the potential to enhance treatment outcomes, accelerate surgical recovery and reduce healthcare costs," said Eric Dremel, Amp Chief Executive Officer.