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Again it will be intriguing to see how the PRGB view his case and whether they confirm his assessment of his situation.
Whatever the nuts and bolts of this dispute, though, both sides are culpable for the difference in interpretation of how the PRGB should function.
The WRU quickly responded with a statement that was concilliatory in tone, but the key element was a further invitation to the regions which only extended to them addressing the WRU board, rather than meeting as part of the PRGB.
Meanwhile, the WRU and the regions have announced that Mr Justice Wyn Williams has been appointed as the chairman of the newly-formed PRGB.
The union is adamant the PRGB, which met just once, was established on the proviso of improving the business operations and income streams of Wales' ailing four regions, not to tackle constitutional issues and the governance of the game.
But the PRGB has met just once, on December 17, and the regions claim that the WRU has since insisted that the chairman no longer has the power of the casting vote.
The agreement on the format and remit of the PRGB were confirmed at its first meeting in the Millennium Stadium on Thursday.
The WRU said the hold-up was due to the regions altering their interpretation of the agreement to form the PRGB, but Regional Rugby Wales (RRW) - the body which represents the regions - rejected this claim out of hand.
We want the management of the pro game to go through the PRGB, as was agreed.
Had the PRGB been implemented as originally agreed by the WRU, it would be addressing the exact issues that it has now raised in its statement, including the important objective of how best to retain Welsh players like George North.
The memorandum of understanding signed by the WRU and RRW representatives is believed to have made clear the PRGB could never replace the full board of the governing body.