PRIDCOPuerto Rico Industrial Development Corporation (Puerto Rican government agency)
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PRIDCO supports EDA's promotional efforts by providing competitive industrial leases to prospective industrialists in pre-built factory structures.
According to the information provided to PRIDCO, under the agreement, the facility would continue to supply certain products to Merck for a period of time.
PRIDCO has noted that a self-healing fiber optic loop provides first-rate service around the island, Long distance voice, data and video services, as well as WATS lines, are offered by several providers, and wireless PCS is available from a number of local and national venders, using the latest digital protocols, including CDMA 2.
PRIDCO develops industrial parks and constructs and maintains factory buildings that are available for lease throughout the island.
Since its establishment in the 1950, PRIDCO has been responsible for attracting over 6,000 manufacturing plants and creating more than 556,000 jobs throughout the island.
High resolution photos of the Governor of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico with Pall Corporation Executives and the PRIDCO press release can be found at http://www.
PRIDCO is responsible for administering the industrial tax incentives law and the industrial incentives of the Island, and the construction and lease of factory shells to house industrial operations.
This investment by IPR reaffirms Puerto Rico's position as a world class strategic center of manufacturing where the most important and prestigious companies in the world have decided to establish and expand their operations," the PRIDCO director said.
The announcement of the IPR investment in Puerto Rico joins other important announcements that the head of PRIDCO has divulged in recent months.
PRIDCO, the government's business development agency, is also playing an important role in facilitating Searle's new tax grant.