PRIMENetPark Research and Intensive Monitoring of Ecosystems Network (US Environmental Protection Agency; US National Park Service)
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Journal Communications said PrimeNet provides nationwide direct marketing solutions to marketers of automotive, retail, publishing and financial services products and that it sold the division because it wants to focus on its "core local market businesses.
PIKA introduced its PrimeNet T1/E1 Gateway board in spring last year, providing support for up to four T1/E1 spans, and plans to introduce a PCIe version of the card later this year.
PIKA PrimeNet MM cPCI (digital interface; supports 4 or 8 E1/T1 (ISDN or CAS) spans)
US publisher Journal Communications (NYSE:JRN) said it has agreed to sell its PrimeNet unit's operations in Florida to PrimeNet Direct Marketing Solutions, a new company set up by PrimeNet's president Mark Keefe.
At the same time, the firm enhanced its Primenet architecture to increase network performance and connectivity and impove network management.
Kurowski's PrimeNet computer distributes work to and gathers results from thousands of copies of Woltman's program residing on computers throughout the world.
Token passing is also used by Prime Computer for its Primenet local network, which employs a ring topology, and by Datapoint for its Attached Resource Computer (ARC) local network.