PRIMISPrimary Care Information Services (medical computer support group, England)
PRIMISPremier Integrated Marketing Information Solutions
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The new dispersion PRIMIS SAF 9000 can ideally be used to formulate so-called easy-to-clean interior wall paints which are resistant to a whole host of substances from tea and coffee to lipstick, mustard or colored pencils.
In exterior wall paints, adding PRIMIS SAF 9000 minimizes the dirt pick-up and prevents the soluble additives like emulsifiers in the paint from leaching and creating so-called snail trails.
The study reported here introduces color as a variable within PRIMIS graphics research and measures its relationship to form of presentation in terms of their single and joint effects on performance.
The study presented here incorporates previous PRIMIS findings [11, 22] by controlling for both information and question complexity.
PRIMIS KT 3000 now considerably shortens this time frame the critical period is reduced to six hours for wall paints and plasters that are formulated with the additive.
The dispersions of the new PRIMIS SAF 9000 series can ideally be used in dilute form for dirt-repellent treatment of decorative mineral surfaces, such as self-leveling flooring compounds and concrete floors.
We have thoroughly enjoyed working with the terrific group of folks at PRIMIS," stated CGP Partner Bob Blank.
In announcing the acquisition, John Healy, CEO of PRIMIS said, "Our clients have asked us to put together a more integrated, multi-channel approach to prospecting and the PRIMIS acquisition of CoReg360 helps us do exactly that.
PRIMIS Marketing Group, a leading provider of integrated information marketing solutions, announced today the acquisition of MarketModels, Inc.
CHICAGO -- PRIMIS Marketing Group, a leading provider of integrated information marketing solutions, today announced the acquisition of Hyphos360.
AccuData America, a PRIMIS Company, is a leading provider of direct marketing services that help companies identify prospects, capture more new customers, and retain and grow existing customers.
A new leader in the marketing information services arena was created today with the announcement of PRIMIS Marketing Group's acquisition of AccuData America.