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PRNGPseudo-Random Number Generator
PRNGPassive Request Next Generation
PRNGPseudo Random Number Generator
PRNGPractical Random Number Generator
PRNGPuerto Rico National Guard
PRNGPenicillin Resistant Neisseria Gonorrhea
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This means that, to avoid to falsely choose a dangerous parameter n in a practical use of the above PRNG, a naive countermeasure of using sufficiently large parameters does very probably not solve the problem essentially.
We corrected all the defects in our earlier generators so that they pass these standard PRNG tests, making the SPRNG generators some of the best tested available.
R] Secret key shared between the reader and the server [cross product] Exclusive OR operation r A random number generated through the use of a PRNG within the reader g A random number generated through the use of a PRNG within the server for updating [K.
It is NLFSR (Non-Linear Feedback Shift Register) based PRNG.
First, N pixels in the stego-image are selected for data extracting by using a PRNG seeded with a user-defined seed.
A good simulation toolkit will provide high quality PRNGs, such as the Mersenne Twister PRNG [64], with extremely large periods, low statistical correlation, and the ability to produce random numbers according to arbitrary (non-uniform) distributions.
Once the selection had been made, the PRNG would choose a target between 1 and 6 using the biases allocated to the six boxes for that particular trial.
Specifically, in this procedure, the embedded authentication code is extracted and compared with the original authentication code generated by PRNG with seed.
decided by hand shuffling, or use of PRNG, true RNG, or mechanical shuffler; Entry point decided by die casting, etc.