PROCAPProtection Capability
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To reduce the effects of internal device generated EMI noise that can impact the PROCAP sensor, the use of Second Generation Unpatterned Transparent Conductors (SG-UTC) for EMI Shielding is recommended.
26) "Memorial de contestacion de la demanda radicado con fecha 7 de febrero de 2003 dentro del tramite de accion de nulidad y restablecimiento del derecho iniciado por Procaps S.
19 January 2012 - Contract development and production services provider Patheon Inc (TSE:PTI) has sealed a deal with Colombian soft gel capsules maker Procaps SA to offer a new line of prescription pharmaceutical soft-gel product development and manufacturing services.
This USD200,000 shipment of DAVANAT will be used by PROCAPS to qualify its vial filling process, Pro-Pharmaceuticals said.
We are pleased to collaborate with Pro-Pharmaceuticals to commercialize DAVANAT to treat cancer patients in Colombia, said Ruben Minski, president of PROCAPS S.
Fuera del medio rural, el laboratorio multinacional colombiano Procaps tambien se alio al equipo de la Universidad Nacional e invirtio en una planta piloto para el ensayo de un biopolimero, un material plastico, patentado por la universidad, y un proceso de produccion identificado en Malasia con ayuda de una empresa irlandesa que le permitio reducir el costo de produccion a menos de un tercio.
En biopolimeros de origen microbiano se desarrollo una molecula nueva, cuya patente esta en tramite y se establecio una alianza con la empresa Procaps S.
As a result of the termination of the PROCAPS agreement, the Company recognized $0.
1444 Procaps SA 2613 Promed Molded Products 3013 Purolite 1207 Q Laboratories 3134 Qi-Chem Co.
Sofgen is part of the Procaps Group, which has a manufacturing network with facilities throughout North and South America, with a wealth of experience in soft capsules and related delivery technologies and serving customers within the health sector in 50 different countries around the globe.
We are working with PROCAPS and INVIMA to design a Phase 3 clinical trial that would evaluate the ability of GM-CT-01 to reduce adverse events (e.
Crosman and Procaps have joined forces to form Diablo Marketing in order to compliment their services to paintball specialty-stores and the big-box marketplace.