PRODEMFundacion para la Promocion y Desarrollo de la Microempresa (Spanish)
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PRODEM offered Bolivia's poor access to credit and training.
The demand for micro loans was massive, but PRODEM was meeting less than 2% of it (Smith, 1997).
BancoSol was created by PRODEM, a nonprofit organization that specialized in making loans.
n-Logue, an Indian company that is wirelessly connecting hundreds of rural villages at a capital cost of approximately $1 per customer; -- Voxiva, a start-up that offers automated business applications to small- and medium-sized enterprises over the phone in Peru; -- eChoupal, a network of Internet kiosks that has enabled Indian company ITC's agribusiness division to lower its procurement costs while paying its farmers more; -- PRODEM, a Bolivian microfinance organization that uses multilingual smart-card ATMs to substantially reduce its marginal cost per customer.