PROFEPAProcuraduría Federal de Protección al Ambiente (Spanish: Attorney General for Environmental Protection)
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This prompted PROFEPA to levy a stiff fine on the project developers in August 2014 (SourceMex, Aug.
In connection with the tailings discharge incident the Company has been fined by PROFEPA an amount equivalent to approximately US$180,000.
PROFEPA, El Auditoria Ambiental en Mexico (The Environmental Audit in Mexico), Procuraduria Federal de Proteccion al Ambiente 2000.
Despite an initial denial that the spill was toxic, PROFEPA technicians are investigating a new stain that has appeared on the Sonora River.
Beattie continued, "This project was a watershed project for PROFEPA since it was the first project to our understanding, under the new environmental laws, that combined ex-situ and in-situ treatment at the same site and fully demonstrated the cost and time savings of our proprietary technology as well as the competency of our engineering staff for solving tough environmental problems with the help and support of government officials with pro-active environmental agendas.
The project was sanctioned because it failed to secure the proper authorizations for the projects that were started, including construction of two roads through wetlands," PROFEPA said in mid-August shortly after announcing the fine.
The PROFEPA report and a certified translation has been posted in the "Community" section of Excellon's website at www.
Fortunately, this is the rainy season, so the cleanup of the basin should not take long," PROFEPA official Arturo Rodriguez said in a radio interview.
PROFEPA has no legal authority to enter into an investigative partnership with a private corporation -- much less one that is under investigation for criminal wrongdoing in the incident under study.
The Attorney General for PROFEPA, the Federal enforcement agency for SEMARNAT (Mexico EPA), has issued significant fines and penalties over the past 24 months to Pemex operations in Veracruz as a response to these environmental disasters.
NEW YORK, July 12 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Capital Gold Corporation (NYSE AMEX: CGC; TSX: CGC) is pleased to announce that on June 18, 2010, the Mexican environmental protection authority, PROFEPA (Procuraduria Federal Proteccion al Ambiente), awarded a Clean Industry Certificate to one of the Company's wholly owned subsidiaries, Minera Santa Rita, in recognition of its management of the El Chanate gold mine in Sonora, Mexico.