PROFETPrevention of Falls In the Elderly Trial
PROFETProtected FET (intelligent power switches; Infineon)
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The Power PROFET switches feature on-resistances down to 1.
POwer PROFET switches increase energy efficiency as power losses are reduced by a factor of up to 7.
At the system level, Power PROFET switches enable a more accurate system sizing.
The PROFET 24V devices are designed to drive resistive, capacitive, and inductive loads such as automotive bulbs, valves, and supply switches for motors using PWM (up to 400 Hz) or DC.
Infineon's High-Current PROFET intelligent power switches contain a MOSFET power transistor plus all the circuit elements for built-in protection.
High-Current PROFET smart switches also include protection from dynamic overvoltages such as load dump, and inductive load turn-off without the need for additional components.
This new High-Current PROFET family has a proportional current sense output with programmable current limit.
As a result of Infineon's unique chip-on-chip technology, High-Current PROFET intelligent power switches are largely immune to electrostatic discharge and other electromagnetic interference.
Infineon's High-Current PROFET switches are ideal for high-current automotive applications such as lighting, motor drives and heating.