PROFISprofessional officer filler information system (US DoD)
ProfISProfessional Internet Solution (Klaipeda, Lithuania)
PROFISProfessional Filler System (US DoD)
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Improving the Deployment of Army Health Care Professionals: An Evaluation of PROFIS (Santa Monica, CA: RAND, 2013).
He had asked me to take command because the previous PROFIS commander appeared to be overwhelmed by the challenges.
PROFIS is a system used to fill professional personnel voids (such as physicians, lawyers, and civil engineers) when a unit deploys.
For example, MC4 has instituted training opportunities at the CONUS* Replacement Center, Fort Benning, Georgia, to ensure PROFIS personnel are trained prior to arriving in theater.
When updating the tactical SOP, be sure to consider the PROFIS physician's recommendations about the types of medications to stock and the quality assessment and quality control rotation schedule for medications.
There was an operating loss of $846,691 for the nine months ended May 31, 2000, which came about with the continued investment in PROFIS.
As the troop levels decreased, accompanying productivity and patient needs data justified eliminating several dental officer PROFIS requests generated by non-DCAS units.
PROFIS ON-LINE PRESENTER (POP), is a video and slide presenter that combines on-line testing capabilities.
As a PROFIS provider, the behavioral health officer did not accompany the unit to Fort Hood and thus was unable to personally ensure that Soldiers received recommended follow-up.
Interlynx changed the focus of its operations from being a developer of children's CD-ROMs to becoming a leading developer and marketer of a sophisticated software program called PROFIS that facilitates web-based training.
The 13 personnel not permanently assigned to the unit are PROFIS (Professional Filler System) assigned to US Army Medical Command (MEDCOM) organizations.
During the third quarter, the company has made progress in the area of developing and marketing its primary e-business application, PROFIS, a web based education application designed to assist large corporations become more efficient in training their employees.