PROFISProfessional Filler System (US DoD)
PROFISProfessional Officer Filler Information System (US DoD)
PROFISProfessional Internet Solution (Klaipeda, Lithuania)
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He had asked me to take command because the previous PROFIS commander appeared to be overwhelmed by the challenges.
PROFIS is a system used to fill professional personnel voids (such as physicians, lawyers, and civil engineers) when a unit deploys.
Easy access to data in the cloud - Hilti's total stations POS 150/180 and PROFIS Layout Office solutions, and PROFIS detection solutions are now integrated with the Trimble Connect collaboration platform, enabling data to be easily exchanged and shared with others.
When updating the tactical SOP, be sure to consider the PROFIS physician's recommendations about the types of medications to stock and the quality assessment and quality control rotation schedule for medications.
Medical evacuation helicopters tend to work in tandem, allowing one flight nurse per pair of aircraft, which would reduce the overall PROFIS assignment requirement.
These responses highlighted issues with forward surgical team (FST) split based operations, PROFIS, and medical refresher training.
The first group (26 PROFIS ** dental officers from the 502nd DCAS) was trained to the new standard prior to deployment.
As a PROFIS provider, the behavioral health officer did not accompany the unit to Fort Hood and thus was unable to personally ensure that Soldiers received recommended follow-up.
The 13 personnel not permanently assigned to the unit are PROFIS (Professional Filler System) assigned to US Army Medical Command (MEDCOM) organizations.
Casualty Replacement--to maintain continuity as Active Duty PROFIS health care providers deploy and U.
As soon as you receive your PROFIS assignment, schedule a meeting with the PROFIS Company and Battalion Commanders or at least call them.