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PROGProgressive Rock (music)
PROGPeer Review Oversight Group (US NIH)
PROGProgress Page on MCDU (aviation)
PROGProgram-Memory Operand
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That's a shame: Both genres shaped a pop decade, and each deserves more of the sort of respectful consideration Weigel gives to prog rock.
We also wanted to make music that sounded as authentic as possible to the original prog rock from the 1970s, and it helps that Neil's Hammond organ is from that era.
La grata sorpresa del XIII Baja Prog fue el rock de Crisalida, liderado por la vocalista Cinthia Santibanez, con el percusionista Rodrigo Sanchez, las guitarras de Javier Sepulveda, el tecladista Mauricio Olivares y Rodrigo Castro al bajo, entregando lo mejor de su unico CD de 2011, Solar (Musea Records FGBG 4901, www.
The exhibition is a collection of ambient paintings based on early 1970s prog and cosmiche rock and are something of a departure from Stitt's more sensationalist performances that have earned him his status as one of Europe's foremost performance artists.
One of the most important behavioral effects of PROG is related to changes in anxiety levels (Obut et al.
The P-10 programme is intense, yet very rewarding, so we look forward to tracking our colleagues' progress throughout the 12-week prog ramme.
WE'VE got five copies of Classic Rock Presents Prog Rock on offer today in a simple competition.
PROG BANDS are considered by many rock fans to be pretentious, over-the-top and self-indulgent, but British quartet Porcupine Tree smash that stereotype to bits with their smart, catchy and direct songwriting.
There is a battalion of fans, possibly existing in caves, who have lived for this - the full-scale return of Peter Hammill's prog monster.
The number of package leads and microcontroller I/O lines is kept to a minimum with the IC's multifunction PROG pin.
VP BUSINESS: Prog Mgr/Agcy SVCS: Cpns, Personal, Cards, Prems, Items CHARGE: Per M/Retainer SPEC: Cons, B-to-B, Fund, Fin Svcs, Publ, Cont Progs INF0: Broc, Smpl