PROIPublic Relations Organisation International
PROIPolitical Return on Investment (New Progressive Coalition, LLC trademark)
PROIPublic Record Office of Ireland (now National Archives of Ireland)
PROIPerson Resident outside India
PROIPhalangeal Region of Interest (medical imaging)
PROIPersonal Return of Investment
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In 2009 PROI has continued to grow by adding Partner agencies in the following markets:
From PROI Worldwide HQ: The management board of Public Relations Organisation International (PROI) has announced the selection of three new partner agencies based in the Slovak Republic, Finland and Russia.
360PR is a partner in PROI Worldwide, the largest global partnership of independent PR firms.
Effective immediately, the PROI partnership gives Shelton and its clients expanded access to specific expertise and media relationships in markets outside of North America.
and has additional international capabilities through its partnership with communications conglomerate PROI Worldwide.
and is a partner in PROI with 100 market-leading independent firms across the globe.
Prois Hunting can meet her needs for winter and summer from her tootsies to her topknot in insulated, lined, tropical-weight and rainproofs in a wide variety of styles and canto patterns.
The Prois line of technical hunting gear also offers women many options.
In a video released by the proIS Aamaq News Agency late Friday, two fighters said the airstrikes by the U.
CHAIDH mi dhan a' gheama mhor aig Alba an aghaidh Shasainn, agus 's e bha cosgail air pocaidean agus prois luchd-leantainn ball-coise.
The Artemis Competitive Archery Shirt from Prois Hunting ($99.
Pike of Prois, an outdoor clothing manufacturer, letting her know she was chosen for the Prois award from more than 70 entrants.