PROINPAPromocion e Investigacion de Productos Andinos (Spanish)
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The foundation furthered this move to re-signify Candelaria by successfully lobbying local municipal authorities to pass an ordinance declaring Colomi, the municipality to which Candelaria belongs, an "Agro-ecological and Biodiversity Municipality" (Gobierno Municipal de Colomi 2002, 85; PROINPA 2002, 32).
As conservation experts and as scientists who have studied Candelaria, PROINPA and its staff are accepted as authorities, not only on Andean crop diversity in general, but also on the diversity found in Candelaria.
On the surface, without a deeper understanding of the dynamics that affect local people's resource use and without exposure to a counter-discourse such as that offered by the farmer I encountered on my initial visit to Candelaria, the activities implemented by PROINPA in Candelaria, and the incentives to engage in them, may have nothing questionable about them.