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PROMOTERProcess Modeling Techniques
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He was no longer a promoter, but a general manager.
The world owes a great deal to the French Revolution, and consequently to its two chief promoters, Louis the Poor in Spirit and his queen.
Besides, the women proved to be the strongest promoters of the strike.
Lorenzo Valla, one of the most famous promoters of Italian learning, not only translated into Latin the Iliad of Homer and the Histories of Herodotus and Thucydides, but also the Fables of Aesop.
But you shall hear the character of the beast, and you may then judge of the risks we promoters of science run in behalf of mankind.
Besides, you promoters of cleanliness have been excessively careless and thoughtless, I don't know if I ought not to say audacious, to bring troughs and wooden utensils and kitchen dishclouts, instead of basins and jugs of pure gold and towels of holland, to such a person and such a beard; but, after all, you are ill-conditioned and ill-bred, and spiteful as you are, you cannot help showing the grudge you have against the squires of knights-errant.
For example, De La Hoya was informed Tuesday via telephone that Gary Shaw, Wright's now-former promoter, had been quoted in a New Jersey newspaper as being perturbed about certain elements of the scenario.
Moreover, in light of information sources such as settlement initiatives, promoter and taxpayer audits, the Office of Tax Shelter Analysis database of required disclosures and other sources, it may not be difficult for the Service to gather information that it considers pattern evidence.
This year we introduced LCO Promoter Technology in the pea/lentil and alfalfa markets.
We cloned a Sall-ApaI eGFP cDNA and the SV40 polyA signal fragment into the TH/bZIP promoter containing pBluescript.
Lab results indicated that 18 of the tumors had a methylated MGMT promoter.