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PROMOTIONPlanning Robot Motion
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We do not know whether he lived long enough for a chance of that promotion whose way was so arduous.
Sancho, my friend," replied Don Quixote, "sometimes proportion may be as good as promotion.
The first was from the Admiral to inform his nephew, in a few words, of his having succeeded in the object he had undertaken, the promotion of young Price, and enclosing two more, one from the Secretary of the First Lord to a friend, whom the Admiral had set to work in the business, the other from that friend to himself, by which it appeared that his lordship had the very great happiness of attending to the recommendation of Sir Charles; that Sir Charles was much delighted in having such an opportunity of proving his regard for Admiral Crawford, and that the circumstance of Mr.
She could not have supposed it in the power of any concurrence of circumstances to give her so many painful sensations on the first day of hearing of William's promotion.
With the same anxious forethought he wrote a letter of instructions to Captain Thorn, in which he urged the strictest attention to the health of himself and his crew, and to the promotion of good-humor and harmony on board his ship.
A few weeks after the famous fight of Waterloo, and after the Gazette had made known to her the promotion and gallantry of that distinguished officer, the Dieppe packet brought over to Miss Crawley at Brighton, a box containing presents, and a dutiful letter, from the Colonel her nephew.
Rawdon's promotion, and the honourable mention made of his name in the Gazette, filled this good Christian lady also with alarm.
I staked my life in the fever swamps of Africa, to gain the promotion that I only desired for her sake--and gained it.
My lady got me put under the bailiff, and I did my best, and gave satisfaction, and got promotion accordingly.
They talked about the excise duty; about business in the senate, about salaries, about promotions, about His Excellency, and the best means of pleasing him, and so on.
Abdul Shakoor has been transferred from Thano Bola Khan to Karachi (South) on promotion as Senior Civil Judge against the post lying vacant.
Faculty need to know that when preparing their promotion and tenure files, years later the files might be subject to analysis and examination by disgruntled rejoinder-writers as well as the general public.
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