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PROMTPredicasts Overview of Markets and Technology
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Google Translate is the engine that produces fewer errors (69), followed by Bing (78) and Promt (82).
Si j'avois ete [36] mains promt, je ne me serois pas brule.
Current Rating 1-30 31-60 61-90 OVER 90 $100M PROMT $100M SLOW30 $100M SLOW60 $75M $25M PPT-SLOW30 $75M $15M $10M PPT-SLOW60 $60M $25M $15M SLOW30-60 $60M $15M $25M SLOW60-90
To locate information on Scottish & Newcastle and the market for beer, the Predicasts Promt PTMA database on Datastar can be accessed to locate the following records:
Others provide an abstract summarizing the contents of the original publication with the main conclusions and supporting data, for instance ABI/Inform, BIS Infomat, Delphes and Predicasts Promt.
What can be confusing is that some popular data bases -- such as PROMT which offers product research and marketing technology data -- are offered through a variety of gateways and vendors.
Besides, even if temporarily successful, this would ultimately be self-defeating as it would only promt a grassroots drift towards more radical groups, or more likely, the replacement of the negotiators.
The Promt Payment Act has played a main role in keeping the project on schedule.
Open Competition: Accompanying Information Retrieval Systems And Patsearch Translation Module PROMT
Q: Did this promt Misuari to renew his armed struggle?
News and Trade will include ABI/INFORM Professional, Dialog Global Reporter, ProQuest Newsstand Professional, World News Connection, Business & Industry, Gale Group New Product Announcements/Plus, Gale Group Newsletter Database, Gale Group PROMT, and Gale Group Trade & Industry Database.
In the late 1970s, faceted search was available when a user queried a commercial database such as PROMT or Disclosure using a human-assigned tag in an index field.