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PROPProperty (theater and movie studios; real estate)
PROPProfessional Recyclers of Pennsylvania
PROPPouvoir Rassemblement des Organisations Populaires (French: Popular Organizations Gathering Power, Haiti)
PROPPersonnel Research Online Papers
PROPPlans to Resources to Outcome Process
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Rake is the angle of the blades to the vertical hub of a prop.
It makes me crazy when there are some dancers that never leave the prop.
Depending on the production, prop makers may have to carry out historical, cultural or science fiction research, and consult advisers in order to create accurate and realistic props.
987 gain or loss in its taxable income for each year; see 2006 Prop.
We have to try to keep everything because there's not another prop hire company until London.
THE high end of the price range is dominated by important costumes or on-screen props relating to blockbusters or the classic films of Hollywood's Golden Age.
Jews were the most adamantly enthusiastic about church-state separation, casting 83 percent of their ballots against Prop.
The case for racial preferences of the kind targeted by Prop 209 rests on two assumptions, neither of which are convincing.
The research began to reveal a subset of people who seemed unusually attuned to the bitter taste of PROP.
If anything, says Dale Gieringer, head of the California chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws and a co-organizer of the Prop.
DWR and SWRCB staff will be available to answer questions regarding the Prop 50 review and evaluation process for the Step 2 Implementation proposals.