PROPARCOPromotion et Participation pour la Coopération Économique (French financial development institution)
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Marie-Helene Loison, Deputy Chief Executive Officer in charge of Operations at PROPARCO, welcomed "the joint operation with IFC to support IMON International, which represents PROPARCO's first investment in Tajikistan.
We are pleased to be partnering with PROPARCO, Scatec Solar, EJRE and their partners to boost the production of renewable energy in Jordan.
The French Agency for Development (AFD) along with private and public private shareholders are in charge of PROPARCO.
The FMO and PROPARCO financing will support the development of Sindicatum's rapidly growing portfolio of clean energy assets.
Additional investments include an IFC-DEG joint financing of the expansion of the Caucedo Port in the Dominican Republic and a joint IFC, EIB and PROPARCO financing to the extension of the TransJamaican Highway with a total cost of US$205.
The main investors in the fund will be PROPARCO, a French development financial institution, the Dutch development bank FMO, along with the African Development Bank (AfDB) and potentially a fourth financier, which Citadel Capital would not disclose.
The foreign lenders include Asian Development Bank (ADP), Islamic Development Bank (IDB), International Finance Corporation (IFC), PROPARCO of France while the local lenders include Habib Bank Limited (HBL) and National Bank of Pakistan (NBP).
Bank of Africa Group (BOA) has signed a fresh loan agreement worth EUR10m with PROPARCO in Nairobi last week.
Its private sector subsidiary, PROPARCO (founded in 1977) promotes and supports the creation, development and restructuring of private-sector companies, and the privatisation of public-sector ones.
HALONG CITY, Vietnam -- Cai Lan International Container Terminal ("CICT") has entered into Loan Agreements with a lending consortium comprised of the IFC, FMO, PROPARCO and the ICF Debt Pool securing $100,000,000 of financing.
Despite fallout from the Arab Spring, Citadel Capital raised nearly three quarters of a billion dollars in third-party international equity and debt in 2011, with substantial sums having been committed by leading institutional LPs including the United States Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), the International Finance Corporation, the European Investment Bank, Germany's DEG and KfW, the Netherlands' FMO, France's PROPARCO, the African Development Bank, the ICF Debt Pool and the Belgian Investment Company for Developing Countries, among others.
We are very enthusiastic about the possibilities of this investment and delighted to partner with FMO, PROPARCO, Asergen and the group of local investors and lenders to develop Hidrotenencias as a regional renewable energy platform.