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PROPELPassionate Rational Objectivists Promoting Exuberant Living (trademark of Rebirth of Reason)
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The driver sits on top of this plane upon a seat constructed over the small, noiseless radium engine which propels it.
By means of the rudder we instantly effected the necessary change of direction, and our course was brought nearly at right angles to that of the wind ; when we set in motion the spring of the screw, and were rejoiced to find it propel us readily as desired.
Diesel HPR is an affordable way for fleets and consumers to reduce emissions and improve local air quality while seeing better engine performance," said Rob Elam, CEO of Propel.
Propel reduces the amount of time patients are in braces or clear aligners by working with the body's own natural biology to stimulate the bone surrounding the teeth, helping the teeth to move faster.
Technology solutions provider HP (NYSE: HPQ) on Tuesday introduced HP Propel, a cloud-based service solution that enables IT organisations to deliver self-service capabilities to end users.
Prior to joining Propel, Kaye was the head of technology for Kalahari.
An LED display panel displays desired selections by the operator such as engine RPM, propel speed and direction selection and various other machine functions.
With Propel Calcium, fitness and sports nutrition experts have told us we're providing an important new benefit for our active consumers," says Marie Devlin, vice president of new products for Chicago-based Gatorade.
1 provides ISPs and wireless carriers with a compelling way to differentiate their services, drive growth of new subscribers and add a new revenue source," said David Fannin, Propel president and CEO.
After a comprehensive process of testing and analysis, Primus Telecom selected Propel based on several key factors.
Robotics, there will be an instant channel to satisfy subscribers' Internet connectivity needs with a fast, low cost dial-up acceleration solution that can be deployed anywhere a phone line exists," said Adriaan Theron, vice president of sales and marketing worldwide, Propel Software Corporation.
In addition to the standard wheelchair, there is the hemi-wheelchair, which allows the resident to propel the chair with one leg and/or one arm; the semi-reclining wheelchair, for residents with limited trunk control; the fully-reclining wheelchair, for residents with no trunk control or who are unable to tolerate the upright position; and the amputee wheelchair, with the rear wheel set back to compensate for the loss of the lower extremity(ies).