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PRORAPeppertree/Royal Oak Residents' Association (Albuquerque, NM)
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Jurgen Rostock, co-founder for the Prora documentation centre, insisted "these are not harmless buildings".
Ond oherwydd ein profiad yno, gwyddom na fyddwn byth yn ein bywydau yn dychwelyd i Prora, nac i Ynys Rugen ychwaith.
Prora was constructed on the Baltic island of Ruegen by the stormtroopers of the Nazi 'Strength Through Joy' leisure organization over a six-year period and occupies nearly three miles of beachfront.
Por ejemplo, en CVE solo ofrece ocho helenismos: crisalida, epifania, estro, exegesis/filomela, gama, prora, sirte; y veinte y ocho latinismos: adusto, albo, ambito, aureo, autumnal, bicorne, boreal, cornucopia, eburneo, fragancia, gelido, ignoto, inclito, inconsutil, lustrar, melificar, nefando, numen, pristino, progenir, purpureo, sacro, semen, subitaneo, termino, uberrimo, urna y veste.
On May 2nd 1936, amidst a crowd of workers and men in uniform, he laid a foundation stone at Prora Bay on the Island of Rugen.
Neue Prora was a 2-mile-long holiday complex built in the Baltic island of Rugen - for 20,000 people at a time.
Tre volte il fe' girar con tutte l'acque: | alla quarta levar la poppa in suso | e la prora ire in giu, com'altrui piacque, | infin che 'l mar fu sopra noi richiuso' (Inferno, XXVI.
Prora comprised eight monolithic blocks of grey concrete, each of six storeys, and stretching over some four kilometres of coastline.
One of five such complexes planned for the benefit of the German working classes under the auspices of the `Strength through Joy' (Kraft durch Freude or KdF) movement, only Prora was ever started (in 1936), but it was never finished.
Romanzo (Milan: Mondadori, Lo specchio, 1947) and Liana Millu, Il fumo di Birkenau (Milan: La Prora, 1947).
Son textos que pertenecen a una lengua en la que "el poeta emplea diez terminos diferentes para decir barco, algo asi como trabs, prora, pinus, ratis, nauis, lignum, carina, etc.
Prora, built during the Third Reich under the direction of Hitler, was designed to accommodate 20 000 holidaymakers at any one time.