PROSAProcessing Algorithms
PROSAProduct Resource Order Staff Approach
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1998) Reference architecture for holonic manufacturing systems: PROSA.
PROSA is widely used to check 3D models of protein structures for potential errors.
PROSA, Mexico's largest electronic switch and processor, partnered with VeriFone for a customized solution that it plans to roll out nationally throughout retail locations in Mexico.
CPNI), an IBM Business Partner, today announced a working agreement with PROSA (Promocion y Operacion, S.
In its interventions, it is planned that PROSA in particular takes into account the gender issue by supporting to a large extent women%s associations.
PROSA underwent an extensive selection process and evaluation of several available currency management solutions, taking into account benefits, technological advantages and product maturity.
PROSA produces magazines, catalogs, retail inserts and soft-cover textbooks.
Gasper Corporation, a leading provider of automated teller machine (ATM) management software, today announced that PROSA, Mexico's national network of ATMs, has selected its Gasper Manager and Transaction Monitor products to provide management and monitoring of ATM services.
serves a number of clients, including PROSA, Mtel/Skytel, Ultragaz, Nestle, Protel and Teletrim.
PROSA, an association of 26 banks, controls the remaining share of the market.
R) (NYSE: TSS) (TSYS(R)), a global processing leader, and Controladora PROSA, S.