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PROSPECTProponent Sponsored Engineer Corps Training
PROSPECTProgram of Support for Poverty Elimination and Community Transformation (Zambia and UK)
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I said that Prospect Point was as beautiful as ever -- and Miss Maria laughed.
Out of this lake, which filled the center of a beautiful plain, embellished with groups of beeches and elms, and fed with sheep, issued a river, that for several miles was seen to meander through an amazing variety of meadows and woods till it emptied itself into the sea, with a large arm of which, and an island beyond it, the prospect was closed.
The prospect from the summit was grand but disheartening.
Germaine, I might consider my prospects (in some degree, at least) as being prospects assured.
An avaricious man, who might happen to fill the office, looking forward to a time when he must at all events yield up the emoluments he enjoyed, would feel a propensity, not easy to be resisted by such a man, to make the best use of the opportunity he enjoyed while it lasted, and might not scruple to have recourse to the most corrupt expedients to make the harvest as abundant as it was transitory; though the same man, probably, with a different prospect before him, might content himself with the regular perquisites of his situation, and might even be unwilling to risk the consequences of an abuse of his opportunities.
How attractive this prospect must have been to the Frail Sex may readily be imagined.
In the morning I would walk the Nevski Prospect, and meet nice-looking people, and be happy all day.
I succeeded to his connection, and had every reason to feel grateful for the prospect that awaited me at my starting in life.
With this summary of his son's worldly prospects, Mr.
Sir Thomas, meanwhile, went on with his own hopes and his own observations, still feeling a right, by all his knowledge of human nature, to expect to see the effect of the loss of power and consequence on his niece's spirits, and the past attentions of the lover producing a craving for their return; and he was soon afterwards able to account for his not yet completely and indubitably seeing all this, by the prospect of another visitor, whose approach he could allow to be quite enough to support the spirits he was watching.
The man brightened into a new being at the prospect.
Hunt had this prospect was, according to his computation, about two hundred and fifty miles from the Arickara village.