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PROTPlano Regional de Ordenamento do Território (Portugal)
PROTProcessor Resource Ownership Table (IBM Corp.)
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e Co-op's home and motor insurance business posted an underlying loss of PS7m, compared with a prot of PS36m in 2013, after revenues were impacted by lower industry premiums and a move to exit low-prot areas.
6million in 2013 have been turned into an operating prot of PS4.
COMPANIES should be open and transparent about their dealings to counter the feeling that prots are bad.
Analysing the performance by sector it was interesting to see the big fall in prots for the o shore exploration industry with a number of companies suering lower production gures.
When Prot says his time on Earth is ending, Dr Powell is forced to consider that he might be genuine.
When PROT is summative, it is used to assess the quality of teaching, and may be part of the tenure and promotion process.
In the case of female prot g s, mentors can provide unique guidance and support in many ways, including promoting women's success and advancement within the organization, facilitating women's connections to informal networks, increasing female prot g s' exposure to top clients and high-profile engagements, and reassuring them that they can advance within the organization and the profession.
The offer that is now on the table is the maximum acceptable for a voluntary deal," Prot said.
French lender BNP Paribas (EPA:BNP) is not seeking acquisitions for now given the absence of any targets of interest available and will instead concentrate on organic growth this year, chief executive, Baudouin Prot, said on Thursday in an interview to Reuters Insider TV.
PA), Baudouin Prot has opined that there is no correlation between the size of a bank and the potential risk that it poses to the system.
A man (Kevin Spacey) found wandering at New York Central Station is taken into psychiatric care because he claims to be Prot from the planet K-PAX.
The ambitions of Prot U are not as large, but the book subjects academia to a similar farcical viewpoint, offering campus life as a microcosm of the perennial clash between politics and social responsibility.