PROTAPlant Resources of Tropical Africa (The Netherlands)
PROTAProject of Translation from Arabic (est. 1980)
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PROTA Foundation and CTA Wageningen, Backhuys Publishers, The Netherlands, 2006; Vol 1: 59-63.
Protas EJ, Mitchell K, Williams A, Qureshy H, Caroline K, Lai EC (2005): Gait and step training to reduce falls in Parkinson's disease.
Kvantinio subjekto protas yra materialus ("smegenys")--ji sieja tiesioginis rysys su ji supaneia visata.
Though she left the company, she continued to work with Protas to reconstruct and direct some of Graham's ballets in Europe.
Varelos poziuriu, zmogaus protas yra itin sudetingai organizuota autonomine emergentine sistema, ir jam koks nors "diriguojantis sefas" visiskai nebutinas.
Eilber, who had danced with the company from 1972 to 1985, was originally named artistic director designate by former director Ron Protas in 1998.
Speed appears to be the parameter that most consistently improves as a result of BWSTT in both subjects with stroke (Hesse et al, 1995; Hesse et al, 1994) and spinal cord injury (SCI) (Dietz et al, 1995; Nymark et al, 1998; Protas et al, 2001).
So we can all get down on our hands and knees in gratitude (not least because Homsey and Eilber have been able to coax permission from Graham trustee Ron Protas to do the works).
The court remanded seven dances--to which Ron Protas claims ownership because he is Graham's legal heir--to the district court for further findings.