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PROTECTProsecutorial Remedies and Other Tools to end the Exploitation of Children Today (Act)
PROTECTPrivacy Rights and Oversight for Electronic and Commercial Transactions (Act)
PROTECTPrediction of the Erosion of Cliffed Terrains (EU)
PROTECTPrecose Resolution of Optimal Titration to Enhance Current Therapies (endocrinology)
PROTECTProspective Reinfarction Outcomes in the Thrombolytic Era Cardizem CD Trial (cardiovascular study)
PROTECTPagans Reaching Out to Educate Campus Together (Illinois State University)
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I was your father's friend, and I'm your friend; and I warn you as a friend, and an honest one that wants to protect you and keep you out of harm and trouble, to turn your backs on that scoundrel and have nothing to do with him, the ignorant tramp, with his idiotic Greek and Hebrew, as he calls it.
Chambers was his constant bodyguard, to and from school; he was present on the playground at recess to protect his charge.
Will you succor and protect him as a brother-man--a resident of the old Bay State?
When is a man to be safe from such wit, if age and infirmity will not protect him?
Our clothing was insufficient to protect us from the severe cold: we had no boots, the snow got into our shoes and melted there: our ungloved hands became numbed and covered with chilblains, as were our feet: I remember well the distracting irritation I endured from this cause every evening, when my feet inflamed; and the torture of thrusting the swelled, raw, and stiff toes into my shoes in the morning.
Hareton says he wakes and shrieks in the night by the hour together, and calls you to protect him from me; and, whether you like your precious mate, or not, you must come: he's your concern now; I yield all my interest in him to you.
uf If so, how will this end, or how can I protect Rowena and my father?
How could such as he protect Meriem from the countless dangers of the jungle?
Thus on the one hand we have ability to protect ourselves; on the other, a victory that is complete.
But I am not afraid so long as I have my oil-can, and nothing can hurt the Scarecrow, while you bear upon your forehead the mark of the Good Witch's kiss, and that will protect you from harm.
He finally intimated that one guard would be sufficient to protect us, but that that one was an absolute necessity.
Pierre answered that he "was protecting a woman," and that "to protect a woman who was being insulted was the duty of every man; that.
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