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PROTELProcedure Oriented Type Enforcing Language
PROTELProcedure Oriented Type Enforcing Language (switching system programming language)
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protel SPE/MPE is an on-premise or hosted property management system for independent and group hotels, serviced apartments and other accommodation businesses.
By using Vistula for some of our new VoIP & IP Centrex offerings, we can provide our customers with significant savings on their domestic and international long distance phone calls," said Alejandro Pineda Mathus, Director of Marketing and Technology, Protel i-Next.
Protel offers data services such as VoIP, dedicated Internet access, VPNs, MPLS VPNs, IP Centrex services, online security services, web hosting and local and long distance voice services throughout Mexico.
Protel will also provide technical support to Phone1 payphone service providers through a toll- free hotline.
Para Protel, el socio preferente era iBasis sin lugar a dudas, pues es la unica operadora de VoIP caracterizada por una presencia global y una capacidad demostrada de entregar a las mayores operadoras del mundo servicios Toll Quality", manifesto Pablo Ruiz Galindo, director general de Protel.
For Protel, the partner of choice was clear since iBasis is the only VoIP carrier with both a global footprint and the proven ability to reliably deliver toll quality service to the world's largest carriers," said Pablo Ruiz Galindo, CEO of Protel.
This proposal is unjust, discriminatory, and a disincentive to the growth of the market," said executives from Protel and Miditel, who accused Alestra and Avantel of attempting to create an "oligopoly" with Telmex.
Desde hace varios meses, los usuarios de telefonos en el Distrito Federal han estado expuestos a los mensajes de television, radio, prensa, de publicidad en las calles y comercios, de, por lo menos cinco de las siete companias: Telmex, Avantel, Alestra, Protel y Marcatel, y en menor medida de Miditel y Iusatel, que han llevado a cabo campanas mas modestas de publicidad.
com)-- protel hotelsoftware and eRevMax today announced the successful integration of eRevMax's two-way XML gateway Connect with protel's property management system (PMS) offering hotel end-users a wider distribution platform to help increase online exposure and bookings.
He founded Protel in 1985, and he's the only one of his ECAD peers who has remained atop his company his entire career.
13 Schematic Capture with Protel 2004 Ware, Herts, UK Contact: www.