PROTOOLProposal Preparation and Electronic Submission Tool
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At $20,000 for just the software and some basic accessories, ProTools is currently the most expensive recording program on the market; however, with 64 tracks of recording capability and editing ease, professionals like Rushen and Carlock find the program invaluable.
These days, a long term, low interest student loan is often better spent on the latest version of ProTools than on used books for that History of Wigmaking class that you're probably just going to drop anyway.
I often think of going back to that album, using ProTools and re-editing the whole thing.
The grant was matched by $25,000 from students and $5,000 in private donations raised by the Edmonds Community College Foundation to equip a recording studio with a state-of-the-art ProTools HD digital audio recording system along with a ProControl 24 interface that mimics the oldschool mixers for a hands-on experience.
99) tells how to use the digital-audio ProTools to record cd demos at home.
In the last decade, software known as ProTools has dominated the soundboards at most recording studios, providing a nonlinear approach to mixing and munching music.
The ProTools file was then transferred to Twain's husband Mutt Lange in Switzerland to record her lead vocal, before being sent back to Nashville for Krauss and Union Station's Dan Tyminski to overdub harmony vocals.
Tenders are invited for Supply, Installation Of Protools Hd And Software
Erik will be joined by AlphaDogs' own Curtis Fritsch for an overview of the best technical practices for delivering project assets for a ProTools mix.
In addition to promotion, Blinded by Sound will be using the grant to expand its range of recording resources and will be investing in a portable Protools system.
It was a good choice for us because it had a ProTools setup, which allowed us to easily integrate all the pre-recorded stuff I had done on my own, as well as being able to pull off a little computer trickery.