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PROUDPet Rescue Of Unwanted Dogs (Kingsburg, CA)
PROUDPeople Reaching Out for Unity and Diversity (Ferguson, MO)
PROUDPeacefully Resolving Our Unsettled Differences (Florida)
PROUDPrecision Reconciliation of Official Undistributed Disbursements (The Columbia Group)
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I tell thee, proud Templar, that not in thy fiercest battles hast thou displayed more of thy vaunted courage, than has been shown by woman when called upon to suffer by affection or duty.
I have come from a lady's work-box,' said Darning-needle, 'and this lady was a cook; she had five fingers on each hand; anything so proud as these fingers I have never seen
Sally never pays any attention to me," laughed Athelny, looking at her with fond, proud eyes.
More than once I have tried to picture myself in the position of a boy or man with an honoured and distinguished ancestry which I could trace back through a period of hundreds of years, and who had not only inherited a name, but fortune and a proud family homestead; and yet I have sometimes had the feeling that if I had inherited these, and had been a member of a more popular race, I should have been inclined to yield to the temptation of depending upon my ancestry and my colour to do that for me which I should do for myself.
I am a journalist," Ernestine answered promptly, "and I'm proud to say that I am earning my own living.
It was a company which the King himself might have been proud to gather around him; serious, representative Englishmen--Englishmen, too, of great position.
He said as much, dryly and quietly, and found himself involved in a discussion, with Joan and Tudor siding against him, in which a more astounding charge than ever he had dreamed of was made against the very English control and reserve of which he was secretly proud.
All fled at his approach, both men and animals, and he was a proud Ass that day.
He was some man, this Nelson; and when, passing by the Last Chance saloon, he spoke to me, I felt very proud.
I'm one that has spoken to a King, I am: mayhap you'll never see such another: and to show you I'm not proud, you may shake hands with me
Thy Self laugheth at thine ego, and its proud prancings.
They were not only fond of Vronsky in his regiment, they respected him too, and were proud of him; proud that this man, with his immense wealth, his brilliant education and abilities, and the path open before him to every kind of success, distinction, and ambition, had disregarded all that, and of all the interests of life had the interests of his regiment and his comrades nearest to his heart.