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PROVEParents Requesting Open Vaccine Education
PROVEPlutonium Recovery Option Verification Exercise
PROVEPre-Operational Validation and Experimental (air traffic control; EU)
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for example, the CPA could attempt to prove the company was in financial trouble or that earnings per share, if correctly stated, would have fallen below analysts' expectations.
Put together, those two results indicate that it's impossible either to prove or to disprove the continuum hypothesis using the standard axioms.
To prove intent, they have to show that the promoter lied intentionally about the investment to get the investor's money.
During the prove, the volume of both the calibrated master meter and the field meter being proved can be measured precisely during the prove cycle, using pulse interpolation as described in API Chapter 4, Section 6 Pulse Interpolation.
Matters might have turned out differently if Galileo had accepted his inability to prove it, but he refused to compromise.
Experts say that even in today's fast-rising market, with sales figures that are so obviously out of whack with assessments, such a sales study will prove inequality.
But evidence is not proof, and should you choose to believe that the Wiseman grizzly was the dead-last of its breed in Colorado - the end of a multi-millennial occupation - there's no way that anyone could prove you absolutely wrong.
The SVR data from the PROVE studies are promising as the expectation today is that approximately 40% to 50% of people with genotype 1 hepatitis C who undergo 48-week treatment regimens with currently available therapies achieve sustained viral response (SVR).
After Thurston's work, mathematicians who wanted to prove the Poincare conjecture could focus on demonstrating that Thurston's vision of three-dimensional spaces is correct.
Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit ruled that, based on the conflicting and implausible statements of the defendant at the border and at trial, there was sufficient evidence to prove that the defendant knowingly possessed with the intent to distribute the marijuana.
Evenly divisible only by themselves and one, primes are a rich source of speculative ideas that mathematicians often find simple to state but difficult to prove.