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PROVIDEPeer Review Organization Voluntary Hospital Association Initiative to Decrease Events (emergency medicine)
PROVIDEDigital PROviding of VIDEo
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In the edge of the evening, a boat was heard coming along, and George Shelby handed Cassy aboard, with the politeness which comes naturally to every Kentuckian, and exerted himself to provide her with a good state-room.
Why is it not more apt to anticipate and provide for reform?
If I could have per- suaded him to now and then provide a support for one of these outlying scions from his own pocket, I could have made a grand to-do over it, and it would have had a good effect with the nation; but no, he wouldn't hear of such a thing.
Don't you dare answer me back that imperdent way, Rebecca, tellin' me I'm mean; your father was a vain, foolish, shiftless man, an' you might as well hear it from me as anybody else; he spent your mother's money and left her with seven children to provide for.
Frank Churchill to be making such a speech as that to the uncle and aunt, who have brought him up, and are to provide for him
To be sure, what I begged was employment; but whose business was it to provide me with employment?
Sowerby had fourteen people to provide food for she might not have enough to satisfy two extra appetites every day.
So every evening he married a fresh wife and had her strangled the following morning before the grand-vizir, whose duty it was to provide these unhappy brides for the Sultan.
MADAM, I beg you not to trouble yourself with a bag; I will provide oats.
He provided himself with a buckler, which he begged as a loan from a friend, and, restoring his battered helmet as best he could, he warned his squire Sancho of the day and hour he meant to set out, that he might provide himself with what he thought most needful.
The authorities essential to the common defense are these: to raise armies; to build and equip fleets; to prescribe rules for the government of both; to direct their operations; to provide for their support.
The palpable necessity of the power to provide and maintain a navy has protected that part of the Constitution against a spirit of censure, which has spared few other parts.