PRPBPuerto Rico Planning Board
PRPBPopular Revolutionary Party of Benin (military dictatorship)
PRPBPlace-of-Residence-by-Place-of-Birth (demographics)
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According to the operational definition used by the PRPB for the ramp survey, an immigrant is a person 16 years or older who intends to stay in Puerto Rico for three months or longer.
The data for the first two periods is from the Survey of Travelers of the PRPB, and the last from the PRCS and the ACS.
4) The PRPB uses two questionnaires to collect data, one for departures and one for arrivals.
The PRPB estimates of migratory flows are different from those of the Port Authority and can be adjusted to control for age or other characteristics.
14) PRPB : Parti de la Revolution Populaire du Benin.